Friday Motivational: 02.05.21

Throb, from Cal Exotic, has everything you need in an upper mid tier toy. The body is silicone, with nickle free accents. They are rechargeable with a surprising hour of play time on high speed. The whole line is waterproof as well, with the obvious benefits that entails (both for cleaning and versatility if use). All that is backed by a one year warranty directly from the manufacturer, so you know they take the time to watch out for quality. The vibration isn’t the most powerful in the world, but that is not what the Throb line is about.

You all know how I feel about “punch plates” in toys. They are huge fun either internally or externally and have a very unique and deep penetrating quality to the stimulation they offer. Not only do the Throb toys have a punch plate, it goes all the way through the toy. I don’t know why no one thought of this before, but I am glad that it happened.

Effectively, it doubles the surface area of stimulation internally, alternating between sides, and allows for more options of grip when used externally (as it does not, effectively, have an “up” or “down”). The position of the plates is also close to the end of the shaft, giving more control over targeting and give it ideal placement to hit the average Grafenberg spot. The vibration and percussion are controlled separately, offering even more options to customize your usage. Like any percussive toy, it is nosier than most, but absolutely worth the extra trouble to put on some music.