Friday Focus: 02.26.21

Magnify, from Blush Novelties, is arguably the best first step into upper tier toys. It offers a great many of the hallmark attributes of a high end toy, though the price tag remains very accessible. Magnify offers seven functions of programmed vibration, is fully waterproof, has a rechargeable motor (with magnetic charge contacts), and is crafted in satiny Blush silicone (I will never stop about how much I love their silicone blend). It’s satiny, smooth, easy to control, and is a joy to look at. The shape may seem nondescript with the slight bend in the middle and subtle swell at the end, but this combination makes for an ideal “best of both worlds” scenario. With no one feature too specialized, it can be easily utilized for either internal or external play. It does no one thing perfectly, but it will do a bit of everything with great efficiency. At seven inches in length, even the size is a good middle ground to suit the most needs. It won’t fit in your pants pocket, but it will still slip into your gym bag.

The shape is great, all the attributes are there, but what about strength? Aria has a lovely low rumble like what you would find in the Impressions line. It isn’t quite as strong, but it is a solid performer and the quality of the vibration is lovely. When your add in the the simple controls (On/Off and cycle) and the idealized shape, Magnify is a clear winner among most similarly priced tools. At this point, the five year warranty is almost an afterthought. If you are looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of full size rechargeable toys, Magnify is a name you’ll want to remember.