Friday Focus: 03.05.21


I want to preface this with something important. While the Petite Sensations toys from Rocks Off are marketed as “beginner” anal toys, there is more to them than this. They are also a great size for people who like occasional play, but don’t have intend to “stretch up”. The reason I want to make a point of this is the fact that Bubbles (a plug of short graduated spheres) or Pearls (long and slim with uniform swells), the two styles we are looking at here, could easily last the owner’s lifetime. I do not exaggerate. Sure, you could get them as a first time and move on, but if the size they are works for you they are made to last.

Both items in this line are fashioned in body safe, and easy to sterilize, silicone. Firm enough for penetration, they also have a great amount of flex. Bubbles, in particular, almost feels dual-density it is so soft while maintaining its structural integrity. The silicone in question also retains the firmness needed to transfer vibration faithfully from motor to tip. As they are intended for anal play, they also have a T style stop at the base to facilitate.

Here is where it gets good. Obviously, the bullet is removable. What does that mean in practice? You may the included RO-80 bullet vibe, a solid option in a toy or pulled free as a stand alone toy. Or, you can replace it, as it is a fairly common size. You can get something stronger, rechargeable, remote controlled, whatever it is you may need. You are only limited by the size of the bullet. Cal Exotic, for example, has many different items that fit into Rocks Off housing. Plus, when the bullet finally dies, you can replace it and keep the toy. The quality of the silicone being what it is, with minimal care, you have a toy for the rest of your life.