Friday Focus: 03.12.21

Continuing with Rocks-Off this week! Today, is for Giamo. Rocks-Off has a reputation for bullets, first and foremost. From the classic RO-80 to the oversized (and beloved) Chiaimo, they built their name on bullets and silicone toys that a bullet will fit into. This, right out of the gate, makes Giamo a bit of a departure. This device is an elegant full sized silicone vibrator. It is rechargeable with a simple and intuitive two button spread. Standard On/Off and cycle for the ten programmed settings. It has the convenience of being waterproof, as well, for all the assets that brings to the table. The silicone itself is silky with just a hint of tooth to the texture. Between the control base and the bulbed end that holds the actual motor, the waist has a fair amount of flex, so your mileage of using the shape as a Grafenberg hunter may vary, (though you can get a nice blunt surface area by inserting it upside-down and pressing the handle backward, away from the user’s navel).

And last, as usual, I address motor quality. This model has a beautiful bass purr. I thought Chiaimo was nice, but no, Giamo is the new torch holder for me in the Rocks-Off family. It isn’t “mean” but it is robust and most of the patterns are actually interesting. Since the motor is right in the tip, it is also really easy to direct just as you like. Myself, I see it as a luxurious external stimulator, the curve in the end covering clitoral shaft and labia both, but that’s just me. However you want to play, if someone is looking for an easy to operate high-tier vibe, with a dash of sophistication, Giamo might be it.