Friday Focus: 03.26.21

At first glance, Velvet Touch is about as basic as you can get. Essentially, this bullet a RO-90 with make-up. I do not say that to be dismissive, the RO-90 is not a device to be underestimated.

Back before the Tango, the RO bullets were considered top tier for power and assets and this was for good cause. In this bullet you have a simple single-button vibe with 10 programmed patterns, an idealized pin-point shape, a fully waterproof body, and it all operates on one traditional AAA battery (that is included). It doesn’t do your dishes, but the balance of price and function is spot on while still getting a device with Rocks-Off quality. How Velvet Touch line specifically differs from the standard RO-90 is the surface texture. It is still all body friendly and impact resistance ABS, but the whole has a lightly nubbed texture that not only feels lovely against skin, it is easy to hold, and lubricant sticks to it rather than slicking away. Such a small change, with such a large impact. What is more, the pastel shades they offer melts right into Spring and would make any Easter Basket that much better. In short, Velvet Touch is an affordable vibe with reliable construction and solid good looks.