Friday Focus: 04.09.21

Since last week was so fun, I decided dip once more into the Lora Dicarlo pool. This tool is different from Lora Dicarlo’s typical offerings as it is quite simple in comparison to their other offerings. It is well designed, made from satiny silicone, and the shape is a sonnet, but it is simple all the same. Specifically, today is for Drift.

Drift is a vibrator. No percussion, no rotating parts, no robotic fingers, just a vibe. Well, not just a vibe, it does have an auto warmer reaching a mild 104°F/40°C once activated. [It takes a while to reach full heat, so give it a chance.] It is poured in a lovely silicone, as I mentioned in the into. The motor rechargeable with magnetic contacts, allowing the body to remain waterproof. The warming and vibration are controlled separately, as well, so you may choose how you want to play. There is only the one temperature, but Drift has seven speeds and three patterns ready for your selection. The motor is nothing to pass on, either. The top few speeds get a little buzzy, bit the overall quality of the vibe is respectable.

Here is the thing about Drift. The warming, the motor, ease of use, all of those attributes are sterling. The thing that kills me about Drift is the shape. The size is perfect for double duty for both internal and external play. The double-domed end (holding both the motor and the warming element) is an easy and aggressive G-hunter, the curve of the shaft giving an external indicator of orientation and giving some extra leverage. If you would rather, the bulb at the end has a host of subtle shapes built in, from broad and flat to narrow as a fingertip. Depending of where and how contact with the skin is made, the quality of the vibration transferred externally, is quite different. It is even a joy to just hold. While taking my notes for this very text, I kept finding myself picking it up, simply to enjoy the way it feels in my palm and supports the curve of my fingers. The warming is great, the motor is nice, but the shape is amazing.