Friday Focus: 04.16.21

Edge 2 from Lovense is our subject today, though it was not used as intended during testing. I cannot be bothered to pay attention to gendered marketing, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Yeah, everyone knows about Lush, but Lovense has so much more to offer. I am determined to be their advocate!

The overall stats are consistent with any high-end toy. The body is medium-soft density silicone over a rigid skeletal structure. Under that skin are two rechargeable motors, one at either end, the on-board control buttons, and a flexible bridge between internal and external arms. Similar to the Osé 2, the flexible bit is super firm, with a trade off. As it’s shorter, it is harder to position, but it holds its shape even better than Osé (and I DO NOT say that lightly). Edge 2 is also waterproof and links up happily to all Lovense apps for easy control, with your phone, or someone else’s. Yes, this absolutely includes camming software.

In action, Edge 2 continues to perform. The two motor are independently controlled and clearly distinct you are using the app. The only place where it blurs is the fact that vibration transference is so good, I had trouble figuring out which motor I was messing with. In the end, I decided that was a benefit and I did not actually care. (If you do care, pink is the internal arm, blue is external.) With the simple and clear app control slider, getting the motors to throb in harmony is absurdly easy, making a good thing even better. Also very important, the motors (beautifully thumpy, even on high speeds) are as quiet as the box claims. I would not hesitate to wear this out and about. Just for fun, if you add together being waterproof, app controlled, and where the Bluetooth receiver is physically located, it is technically reversible. If you want to swap which arm is internal and which external, you absolutely can and it works just was well. So, there you go. Welcome to Edge 2, every fact true, no matter what genital conformation you might have.