Friday Focus: 05.28.21

I will admit to you, I had concerns when the We-Vibe Touch and Tango were discontinued. Now that the X versions are out, however, I finally understand. Today, I want to talk specifically about the Touch X because, while I recognized its value and quality, I was not a personal fan of the original. When it comes to the X, the story is very different. Other than a vague similarity in shape, it really is a who new machine.

Starting with shape, Touch X stands out sharply. A high-power motor with a silicone skin is not new, by any means, but the way the “body” of Touch X is shaped does something marvelous. All of the power stays in the business end, leaving the fingers holding the other end to feel little more than a light hum. The varied thickness and tapers change the quality of the vibration nearly as much as actually changing the speed does. That is also a simple task as Higher, Lower, and Pattern all have dedicated control buttons. I am also pleased to note that every bass note of the motor comes right through the solid silicone shell. And it does so in near complete silence. Compared to the thicker, vibration dampening, single button classic, Touch X has nothing but improvements.

In fact, the only downside I can find in the entirety of the Touch X is that it is not capable of being connected to the WeConnect app. In some ways, the fact that I love this thing only makes that disappointment sharper. That said, I shall watch and wait. In the interim, this is an easy recommend to anyone that wants the hardest of vibrations in a soft silicone shroud.