Friday Focus: 06.04.21

I am a huge fan of simplicity. Bonus points are awarded for innovative use of shape or materials while maintaining that simplicity. This week, I have an fine example of all three virtues, shape, material, and simplicity of function. Booty Bloom from XR Brands may have a silly name, but the actual device is clever enough to get me over it.

There has been an upswing in demand for decorative anal plugs in recent years. Messages, jewels, tails, and most recently, roses, have seen spikes in popularity. While there are many reasons behind this, a large part is the playful nature of decorative plugs giving people “an excuse” to do what they wanted to do anyway, to make anal play more appealing to a partner, or, very often, both. These types of sculpted decor, however, come with two problems. The materials they are made of can be challenging to sterilize and the hard edges might provide a memorable pinch if you move the wrong way and the wrong time. The Booty Bloom plug found an ideal solution, the entire device, from plug to petal, is 100% silicone. Sterilization is not an issue if all one need do is drop it in boiling water after a regular scrub. The whole “bloom” is also beautifully flexible. This is not only because it is silicone, but it is cast in layers, secured at the center, so each row of petals can flex and move independently of the others. Not only do you end up with a much wider and fuller blossom, but you couldn’t pinch yourself if you tried. The internal bulb is a beginner friendly small/medium, with a smooth taper on either side for ease of both insertion and removal. There is also has a generously long “waist” for longer wearing, ideal for performers (an audience of one, absolutely counts here) or those that just want to wear a plug around the home for mundane activities.

It is true that it doesn’t vibrate or contain hidden secrets, but it is a beautifully designed long wear plug for anyone that has a flair for drama or romance. With care, this Bloom could be with you for years to come.