Friday Focus: 06.11.21

The California Dreaming line from Cal Exotic has been a testing ground for new ideas since the very first releases such as the Santa Monica Starlet and Surf City Centerfold. The most recent batch has offered similar gems. My heart, however, was won instantly by the West Coast Wave Rider. Yes, the name is a mouthful, but when you think about how much it does, it deserves an over-the-top, moniker.

I am going to start with the obvious attributes, the things you can see without powering Wave Rider up. The basic silhouette is a pretty standard people pleaser, a short curved shaft, bulb end, and a thick external vibrating arm. If it had nothing else going on, this would be enough. The angle of the curve makes for easy insertion when driving alone and lends itself to a smooth rocking motion that puts the parts where most people are going to want them. The width of the swell is enough to offer a feeling of fullness, while letting the user focus that sensation where they want it. This whole package is wrapped up in a body friendly silicone skin with a light ribbing on the shaft, positioned pretty ideally to bring aforementioned rocking into Grafenberg contact. The controls are clean and easy as well, activating the shaft and arm independently, with the top button a dedicated to ON/OFF/Travel Lock. For creatures of habit, such as myself, they also included a memory chip, so turning it on goes right back to wear my last session left off. The rechargeable motor runs for about forty minutes with all guns blazing, but you can nurse it out for over two hours with more conservative settings. It is fully waterproof as well, for submerged adventures or a quick bath in the sink after use. All of these attributes come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty as well, allowing one to choose it with confidence.

There is more.

The external arm, as one might note, is split into three thick “tails.” Wave Rider starts with a punchy vibration, but, speed and pressure depending, those tails can magnify that solid vibe into virtual fists. The join where the arm is anchored also has an impressive amount of flex, so it can easily be pressed forward or held back with a single thumb. You don’t have to take it at full strength, but the top end can be memorable. Then there is the true show stopper. The textured ribs that ring the end of the shaft mark where the g-hunting bulb rotates. Strongly. Fist-Test* passing kind of strong. And it does all of this with the least sound I have ever heard in any kind of rotating toy. You can hear it, but compared to what it is doing? I was amazed.

Want a single toy to take care of everything at once? Looking for a wide range of sensation between “That’s nice” and “My soul is on fire”? You need to give West Coast Wave Rider a look. Want a rotating toy that doesn’t sound like a lawn mower? This is your best option, bar none.

*(Read: I can grap it in a fully closed fist without the motion stalling or stopping.)