Friday Focus: 06.25.21

NS Novelties has long been a go-to for novice adventures in bondage via their Sinful collection. That game has just stepped up. The new line is so new that, at the time I write this, we don’t even have all of it yet. Luckily, I got samples in advance for the release, so I already know what I’m working with. This Friday, I want to let you know a bit about Glo, the next step up in entry level restraint.

Glo is similar to Sinful in a few key ways. The designs are simple yet functional, use vegan materials, and have nickle-free hardware. Glo, however, is a bit softer, overall, lending themselves to longer wear. All of the restraints are also fully lined, carefully hemmed, and have just a bit of cushion at the core. You won’t forget you have a collar on, but it will move and flex as you do. The wrist and ankle restraints also include a short connecting strap, completely detachable, that can be mixed and matched as you desire.

Where Glo really shines (pun intended) is in it’s aesthetic. They are composed of sharply contrasting bands of black and white. The look is sharp and the colors meld with pretty much anything. I mention this because they are every bit as valuable as a fashion statement as they are for light play. Personally, I like the Glo even better than Sinful in this respect, as the pieces have more flex and would wear longer without being a bit of bother. If you do play parties or just want to go clubbing, you could wear these pieces without lifting more than an intrigued eyebrow. Once all that is established, there is one last trick. The Glo line does, in fact, glow. After light exposure, or under black light, the white bands radiate in classic pale green.