Friday Focus: 07.09.21

Svakom, Edeny is the “panty vibe” of the Svakom family, much as Ferri is to Lovense. It is quiet, petite, angled to hug a vulva, and can be controlled from a distance. Starting with the shape, Edeny is beautiful. The suggestively organic curve, the way the light scalloped ribbing catches the light, it has profound visual appeal. More, that beauty is functional, the shape either pressing a slightly bulbed top against a clitoris or hugging is from both above and bellow, depending on the fancy of the wearer. The scallops hold on to lubrication every bit as well as they add just a hint of friction with movement. The size and silence keep it a secret once under clothing. The whole device is enrobed in silicone giving 100% play area and making it waterproof. This is especially useful for a panty packer, as it allows one to flip the toy around to find the position that works best for an individual’s anatomy. The power of the vibe is on the reserved side, it is true, but there is much to be said for a long tease.

Like any high end item, Edeny comes with all the standard attributes, as well. The motor is rechargeable, with a 1:1 charge time to play time conversion. It can be controlled either by the on-unit button control, with access to 11 settings of speed and pulse, or through the Svakom app. (I will take a moment to remind you all that I, a person that dislikes patterns, am a HUGE fan of the patterns that come standard in a Svakom. The presets might be my favorite thing about the whole line.) The app, as we know, can be manipulated by your own phone or by another person’s device. All of this is wrapped in the one year Svakom warranty against defect.