We have another easy one this week. We already addressed the We-Vibe, Touch X, but what about the Tango X? It is very hard to argue with the statement that the original Tango set the Gold Standard for high powered mini vibe. It is a flat fact that it was the first, no matter how many came after. That said, how does Tango stand against Tango?

To start, what features stayed the same? Both generations of Tango have the deep pulsing vibe that made it a household name to start with. True, I am usually coy and leave power for last, but everyone knows that the Tango rumbles like a cement cracker, though you can barely hear the thing in closed in a fist. It remains submersible for easy cleaning and long lazy soaks in the bath. The unit is rechargeable, with a strong and simple magnetic connection and up to two hours of play time per charge (though the magnetic connection is more secure than once it was). Also unchanged is the fact that all of those assets are in a body small enough to slip in a jeans pocket. This is even true for girl jeans, and that says something. All of this is true for both generations.

While there is a great deal unchanged, a few tweaks were made both for good and ill. Much like the Touch X, Tango X now offers a two button control spread. In addition to being able to cycle forward through the 8 speeds and patterns, the negative button allows users to scroll back, if you miss your stop. A simple thing, certainly, but one of huge impact. Second, the “handle” end is now a slightly enlarged silicone grip. This new feature cuts both ways. The new silicone dip gives a better grip than slick ABS and helps dampen fingertip vibe while holding the device. The loss is that Tango X doesn’t fit into other toys that take removable bullets, at least not securely. Overall, I would say it’s a change for the better, if for the improved controls alone.