Friday Focus: 08.06.21

I am greedy, so I am allowing myself to indulge in personal preference again! Volt from Cal Exotic is, in spirit, part of the Impulse line. The operate very similarly, even if the styles and color theme are different. There is always room in my heart for more.

So, Volt (and Impulse) are portable e-stim. Between Violet Wands and TENS units, these self contained stimulators are identical in sensation to the later, with the portability of the former. They don’t have the versatility of true TENS, but they don’t have any wires, super simple controls, and are easy to take along anywhere. They operate with the ease of a standard vibrator, a single button press the only thing between you and the next setting. Speaking of vibration, Volt does that as well! To keep things clear, the e-stim and vibration are operated independently with a single On/Off button that works for both functions and serves as a travel lock. The rechargeable motor gives power to seven settings of vibration (three speeds and an assortment of patterns) and five different e-stim pulses.

Thinking of Spark specifically, the shape is borrowed from classic bulb style g-spot vibes. Controls on the end, a long thin flexible neck, and a bulb tip houses the actual motor. The size of the swell isn’t ideal for novice Grafenberg hunting, but it is just enough to be felt, while offering ideal placement of the conductive plates, ventral and anterior, if one is using the controls as “up”. I gravitate to this orientation, personally, as it gives more motion with less sting when your aim is to get pelvic floor to jump. Not only is that great exercise, but it feels like a solid thrust, even if the object delivering the charge barely moves.

Now for a few e-stim facts I will always repeat. Do not insert or remove and e-stim toy while it is on. The limnal space between in and out amplifies a shock from pleasure right into pain, even for someone that routinely turns an Electrastim Flick up to high on the regular. Really, don’t do it. Two, don’t be turned off by how “strong” any e-stim device feels in the hand. Once inside of a bodily cavity, it will not feel like that. Often, the feeling of muscle contraction and release completely covers the actual zap, even if, in my hand, I would feel it.