Friday Focus: 08.13.21

I have chatted about some attachments for Electrastim, but never the power boxes. As such, I have for you a quick-n-dirty run down of the three TENS units that we carry in our stores, Flick, Flick Duo, and Flux. They have many things in common, such as being rechargeable, they are easily portable, and have intuitive controls. They also come with a manufacturer warranty of one to three years. (One year is standard, but if your register within four weeks, you will get three years instead!) None of them are a poor investment, though there is a clear progression, each offering more features than the one before.

Flick Duo
Flick Duo

Flick is the base base unit of the Electrastim line. It is the least expensive of our offerings and happens to be the one I own myself. Flick is named for the signature (and patented) “Flick” function, a setting that delivers a sharp “snap” of stimulation with a flick of the wrist. Elextrastim likens it to a whip crack and set the motion to match. Flick has a single channel for accessories, has seven patterns of pulse and twenty-five settings of intensity. Pattern and intensity are independently controlled and easy to gauge with the lighted display on the hand unit.

Flick Dual has what Flick has, but more of it. It offers two channels for accessories that are independently controlled. Just to show off, it has eight patterns and twenty-five intensity settings. Next to the dual channel ports, the biggest improvement in Dual is the more sophisticated display, giving you a numerical values rather than just an incremental light array.

Flux (shown with included extras)
Flux (with included extras)

Flux offers the most in the way of function and customization. I, a happy Flick owner, would not call it “better”, but it does have many more variable to play with. In addition to the flick function, Flux also offers the tilt setting, a much more subtle motion detector that delivers a jolt no matter how the hand unit is moved. For extra fun it has sound activation as well, both microphone for ambient noise or a line in to hook Flux up to whatever music you have to play. The display is yet another step up, adding remaining battery life to pattern and intensity in your read-out. It is also dual line for attachments and offers up a huge leap in fine tuning with over twenty patterns of pulse and ninety-nine degrees of intensity.