Friday Focus: 08.20.21

This week is for a very special something. With the recent interest in auto-strokers, and my fascination with remote toy tech, I wanted to shine a spotlight on Neo Alex from Svakom. Alex is a fine tool all on its own. Adding remote and distanced control takes a great thing and cranks up the dial

Now, Alex is a tool with many facets. Right out of the box you have a well made masturbation sleeve. It offers a plush insert, easy to control buttons, and a rechargeable motor to power it’s auto stroke feature. The sleeve itself is reinforced with narrow “boning” panels, embedded within the actual insert. This allows for it to expand to accommodate a variety of girths while being able to hold its shape. That alone would be worth note even if it didn’t stroke for you. While it can be heard, the sound is minimal for a device with this much movement. Unless, that is, you choose to hit the audio button in the center of the control array. Do that, and the lilting notes of a very happy feminine voice will play (there is a headphone jack for privacy). All of this, including a grand array of stroking patterns, is easily controlled with three simple onboard buttons.

Would you rather control Alex with your phone? That is where the “Neo” comes in! Neo Alex is armed with several different settings once your have it paired. Intensity is just what it sounds like, a simple slider to control how fast Alex will stroke for you. Presets are where you go if you want Alex to do the “thinking” for you, as well. Select a pattern and let it go. [You know how I love Svakom patterns.] It also has Clap Control, where ambient sound will trigger the stroking mechanism. You can even set sensitivity to choose how much noise makes triggers how much movement. If you choose, can also hand over control to another person’s device. If that wasn’t enough, Alex is also compatible with some cam/video functions, making and distanced encounters more immersive.