Friday Focus: 08.10.21

This week I want to round back on both a classic tool and some basic self care. Specifically, I want to hold up Smartballs from Fun Factory. Kegel balls are not a new concept, that is true. Still, in true Fun Factory fashion, they took a standard concept and made it their own.

Kegel balls, in general, offer a great many benefits with few to no moving parts. In short, they are an aid to Kegel exercises. A great many people find it easier to focus on the traditional clench and release if there is something to bare down against. Having an object to “grip” can also be a guide to isolate the correct muscles and keep the exercise targeted. To step that up, most people can get away without deliberate focus on the exercise, the presence of a weighted object being enough to cause a reflex to clench and hold. Stronger Kegel muscles is a huge aid in practical maters, like avoiding incontinence, and those more indulgent, such as improved intensity and length of climax. In addition to the benefits of exercise, good Kegel balls are often pleasurable to use, especially if one is up and about. This can be magnified by styles that has a weight sealed into a hollow sphere, as movement causes it’s own vibration.

Now, why am I recommending Smartballs? First, Fun Factory is a safe bet for just about anything. Their material standards are unparalleled and their construction is always thoughtful. When it comes to Smartballs specifically, the size and weight are ideal for beginners and for recreational use. The silicone skin has the convenience of a super sturdy retrieval cord and cut-out sections to show the contrasting ABS core. Those cut-outs are designed to help deliver the movement of the free weights inside directly to the wearer instead of being dulled by a solid silicone shell. Now, picture yourself, or a loved one, jogging while a set of Smartballs are in place. Just because you’re working does doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outing!