Friday Focus: 09.24.21

Swiss Navy toy and body cleaner, it is what I keep in my bathroom at home. Another smaller bottle lives in my bag. There was one here at my desk as well, but I used it up and have not yet replaced it. It is a very simple formula, a spartan six ingredients, but it works better and rinses cleaner than any other cleaner I have used in all of my many years as a sex tool aficionado. I decided to scratch a bit and learn more about the ingredients in question. While I was doing that research, I took notes so I could share them with you.

Water: That is simple enough.
Propylene Glycol: This is a very common humectant. You’ll find it everywhere from medicine, to cosmetics, to food. It is also occasionally used as a binding agent.
Polysorbate 20: This ingredient is solution stabilizer often used in both pharmaceutical and bio-technical applications.
Phenoxyethanol: Here is the preservative for the mix. You’ll also find it in cosmetics and it is commonly used in vaccines.
Melaleuca Alternifolia oil (Tea Tree): We all know this one. In addition to it’s anecdotal efficacy as a salve for wounds, studies confirm it to be naturally anti bacterial, anti-fungal, and valuable in soothing swelling caused by allergic reactions.
Lavandula Angustifolia oil (lavender) Another old home remedy, lavender has been tested and confirmed to be both bacterial and anti-fungal, in addition to it’s light fresh scent.

Toy cleaners, in general, are more important than many realize. A good many soaps that you may use on hands or dishes simply are not formulated to play nice with materials like TPR or TPE. Garden variety soaps can dry out the material, causing tiny cracks . Those small cracks, in turn, open up as hotels for potential bacteria. Even on materials like ABS, glass, or silicone, that can’t be dried and damaged by common cleaners, the residue left behind can be stubborn. That won’t hurt the toy, but one doesn’t want to introduce soap residue into their body, no matter the orifice.

Of all the cleaners that we offer, why is the Swiss Navy my personal go to? First, it’s important to note that it’s not just toy cleaner in my world. I use it on pretty much everything. I get honey on my fingers? Swiss Navy. My ear gauges are gross? Swiss Navy. Last night’s eyeliner -still- won’t come off of my face? Swiss Navy. It cuts through anything, it is gentle enough for the most tender of skin, and leaves nothing behind but a light herbal scent. Thick, sticky, oily, it really does not mater to this formula. While I don’t always bother to rinse, depending on how it was used, it does wash off cleanly without any effort. To make it even more convenient than it already is, we now have it in foaming and wipes as well.