Friday Focus: 10.08.21

Today I want to offer a quick overview of the newly released Joyride from Blush. Joyride in a new chapter in the recent attention given to auto-strokers. The fact that it is following a trend, however, in no way reduces my excitement over it as an option for penis-having pleasure seekers. It is no one thing that makes it stand out, but the combination of many small details made me excited to bring it in.

Joyride starts with the sleeve. The orifice realistically molded vulva, presented in the crystal colored TPR. with an internal texture that makes a good effort at continuing that realism into the interior of the toy. It’s not perfectly representational, you won’t find a G-spot, but it is a good effort. As a bonus, the ripples and ridges help hold lubricant, staying slicker longer. As expected, the sleeve comes out for easy cleaning and quick hand-held play. The body is canister style, offering structure to support the soft and plushy insides and a cap to protect the sleeve from dust or damage when it is not in use. It also holds he thrusting mechanism (complete with a clear collar to watch it work). When activated, it has seven programmed thrusts to choose from. Yes, you will hear it, but thrusters make sound.

Speaking of sound, Joyride comes with headphones. If you choose, you can plug these in to listen discreetly to feminine sound effects. It’s not reactive, like some of the fancier offerings, but a fun bonus option. For myself, I am most interested in the easily added suction cup base, complete with adjustable tripod style hinge to get your angle just right. (Good suction bases always make me happy.) However, if you would rather hold Joyride, the canister is lightly ribbed to help the user keep a good grip.

In summary, here you have a very well priced device with many small assets that add up fast. If you are looking to dip your toes into the world of auto-strokers, but want to keep your options wide and your price low, Joyride may be exactly what you’re looking for.