For many of us, cooler autumnal weather means jackets and hoodies, pumpkin spice lattés, and spending more time indoors wearing comfy socks (we have new fun socks in stock, btw!) Of course, at Fantasy, spending more time indoors means more opportunities to exploreand add toour sex toy collections!

While any toy can heat up a bedroom (or living room, kitchen, back seat of a car on a weekend drivewherever you want to play), only a few truly bring the heat, to warm above body temperature. One of our personal favorites is the Drift by Oregon’s own Lora DiCarlo. Not only does it warm, it’s superbly shaped for g-spot stimulation. It also happens to a lovely fall shade of deep orange-red!

Read more about the Drift in our resident vibe expert’s Friday Focus. Looking for other warming toys, g-spot toys, or something else to heat up an evening solo or with a partner? Ask one of our sex toy experts at any Fantasy location!