Friday Motivational: 10.22.21

Lucky (or D17) is the newest addition to Blush’s Avant Line. In general, the Avant family varies wildly in shape, density, and style, though all are hand poured with some kind of extra bonus. In this diverse family, Lucky fits right in. Certainly, it stands out visually, but there is more to see here.

The dimensions are a solid medium, with 8 inches of length and girth just on the up side of average. It’s a single density piece, that has been poured in a distinctly soft silicone. The compression is good and flexibility is phenomenal, while the overall shape keeps penetration easy. The general silhouette is more realistically representational than many items in the line, including a distinct glans, corona, and lightly veined texturing on the shaft. There is also a bit of cinch in the girth, just above the flared base. A base, I will add, that is both harness compatible and can suction to a flat surface. It’s not Colours strong, but it holds up it’s own weight at a 90 degree surface with no trouble. Back to the slightly narrowed point at the base, that may seem out of place at first, interrupting the realism of the shape, but it serves a purpose. First, it adds to the anal play safety of the tool that the flared base establishes. More important, however, is how it works with the light density silicone. It bends. This is a device that will move with you, never allowing a pinch or prod out of place. Be it on a tile wall, or strapped into a harness, Lucky will sway and bend no matter how heated the motion becomes.

Finally, Lucky is gorgeous! I would want this item in my house even if it wasn’t well designed. That it is both almost feels unfair. The delicate ombre fade, the shimmer of glitter, this dong could have been made specifically to suit my personal aesthetic. If it fits mine, surely it is perfect for others as well. For those hunting a beautiful tool with enough flex for hard thrusting, Lucky has what you seek.