Friday Focus: 10.29.21

I have another simple-but-quality subject for this week. I would like to present the Frisky Kegel kit from BMS Factory. Frisky comes from the box as a two part set, a 57 gram simple ball and dual balls with 73 grams in combined weight. Both weigh sets are fully encased in a thick silicone skin, the overall shape being oval with a clearly pronounced “point” for ease of insertion. Flipping the weights around, you will find the flexible, but not too stretchy, retrieval cords. Both are tipped with signature Swarovski crystal accents, a common theme of the Pillow Talk line. Those gems are well secured with adhesive in addition to a silicone bevel that hugs tightly around the crystal. While they don’t add function to these Kegel weights, the care shown in their setting highlights the quality of the items overall and the care taken in their construction.

Going one step deeper, I will point out that Frisky uses loose weights that roll freely inside a hollow center, rather than just being weighted. There are some that insist loose weights are more functional for pelvic toning, the vibrations as one moves more likely to encourage a strong “grip” response from the Kegel muscles. While I can’t attest to that, I do know that I prefer them for the sensation. Vibration as a reward for movement is never a bad deal when one has exercise in mind. One might also note that the join between the two sides of the double ball set is also significantly more flexible than I have seen in similar sets. I make a point of this because that range of mobility allows the dual balls to comfortably fit a wider range of anatomy.

That last leads me to the benefit of offering a single ball option. The single is the “advanced setting” in this kit. The pair weight more together, but the individual balls are lighter and the two “eggs” naturally give more surface area to grip and keep a hold of. A single, weightier, sphere takes more work to hold. Single balls also have one other very important function. They are effective for people with either a retroverted uterus (tipped backward) or excessive anteflextion (bent too far forward). Either can cause a bend in the vaginal canal that can complicate the use of traditional Kegel weights. Imagine holding a weight in your hand verses setting your hand on a stair step and resting the weight rest on that. If your weight is on the step, your arm is getting no resistance.

When all is said an done, the Frisky kit is simple in function with excellent execution in design. That they are both beautiful and built to last long with basic care is a part of that package. If you are looking to strengthen your pelvic floor or just want to be more entertained while getting in a morning job, the Frisky kit can easily accommodate.