Friday Focus: 11.05.21

This week’s subject is just plain fun. Today, I would bring your attention to the Size Queen line from Cal Exotic. In a market where toys are growing more and more sophisticated, classic gems like Size Queen are becoming increasingly rare. I am a strong proponent of progress and I do love sleek engineering, but there is something special about a simple tool that is sturdily made. When we purged our walls of PVC, I thought simple dongs like these may be lost to us forever. I am very pleased to have been wrong.

Like dongs of eld, Size Queens are generously proportioned in cheerful translucent jewel tones. They are beautifully elastic, bending and flexing with ease, without being floppy or limp. This is achieved, not with PVC, but TPR. This material offers most of the cost effectiveness of classic “jelly” toys with significantly more durability and ease of care with none of the unfortunate smell or chemical leaching. The shapes are strongly representational, nearly realistic, with just a hint of idealized smoothness. Our present offerings include samples in six, eight, and ten inch lengths in three fanciful hues. All are equipped with both a sculpted scrotum and a suction cup base. Either allows for use in a harness, though they are a little heavy for their length, so keep that in mind when picking your rig.

The really surprising part is the one year warranty direct from Cal, even though they don’t have any moving parts. In full honesty, anyone looking for the classic “jelly” toy feel needs a Size Queen. We offer lengths and colors for most tastes, so it’s easy to make a choice that suits your personal ideal. Most importantly, the use of TPE give the tool modern quality while still having the elasticity and look of classic toys. If you are nostalgic, or just want something simple and pretty, Size Queen could easily be your pick.