Friday Focus: 11.19.21

The Cal Exotic Chic line has expanded! You might recall that I am enthusiastic about percussive toys. With that said, there is no surprise that Blossom impressed me. What did give me a double take is how far the designer went above and beyond putting it together.

What is Blossom, then? It has an overall shape common to most dual stimulation devices. The internal shaft is short and sharply curved, giving easy access to most Grafenberg hunters. The Clitoral arm is well positioned, though flexible at the base. While the shape will fit many, the pressure of one thumb should be enough to nudge the external vibe into place for almost anyone. The “handle” end is rounded to fit well in a palm, no matter if one is wielding it for themselves or using it on a partner. It even has a thin “waste” on the internal arm, making rocking, rather than thrusting, a great deal easier and more effective.Rocking, I will add, while allowing the vibrating arm to remain where it needs to be.

So what does Blossom do? Not unlike similar dual stim tools, there are two motors, one in the shaft and a second in the arm. Sadly, they cannot be independently controlled, but the button array is very simple and easy to scroll through. The user has access to 10 settings of speed and pulse combinations with the press of one button. It even has a function memory, so you can leave it on your favorite setting and start there when you next pick it up. When it comes to strength, Blossom knows what it is doing. The external arm focuses on depth over speed, and does so in the best way possible. Then there is the internal arm that uses percussive stimulation rather than vibration. I can think of no better combination than a thumpy external vibe paired with a percussive G-spotter arm. Really, for me, this is perfection.

You can wrap up all that form and function with a rechargeable motor, easy travel lock, and a one year warranty through Cal Exotic. If someone is in the mood for an aggressive dual stim or is just into pounding away at the urethral sponge, Blossom is likely an ideal addition to their garden.