Friday Focus: 12.10.21

It has been some time since Nu Sensuelle has done something that demanded my immediate attention. Not much surprise, as they came out with the Point right out of the gate, and that is a very high bar. Still, there is always room to tweak the rules. This time around, that is exactly what Nu Sensuelle decided to do. Today I hold up for your consideration, the Aluminium Point.

This sleek cousin to the classic Point is similar in many aspects to the original. The dimensions, shape, and thunderous power are shared by both Point and Aluminium Point. The magnetic charging ports, waterproof body, and two year warranty through Nu Sensuelle are also attributes in common. The first difference is in the number of pre-programmed settings, where the Point has twenty and it’s metal cousin only has 12. If you are more excited about sheer Rumble than you are patterns of pulse, this is a non issue, as both have three solid speeds. If, like myself, you find patterns to be an irritant, fewer to cycle through is an improvement. It is the rest of the differences, however, where things get interesting.

As the name indicates, Aluminium Point is, in fact, anodized metal, rather than ABS. Both materials are body safe and deliciously slick, but there is an extra heft to the new model, even with the lightness of aluminum. The primary trick of the Aluminium, though, is in the second button one will find on the bottom. Just like the classic, one button cycles though all speeds and patterns. The second button engages the heating element. This is the real reason this new Point has a metal body, since the aluminum shell warms quickly and holds that heat. It never gets truly hot, but it certainly gets warm enough to make a difference against the skin. Certainly one could hold it long enough to impart some warmth before use, but why wait?