Friday Focus: 12.17.21

A simple glance at the Dolce (formerly known as Quake), from Lovens, showcases many obvious attributes. As with any item in the Lovense lineup, Dolce can be operated on unit or with a the Lovense app, either in person or long distance. As Dolce has two motors, one in either end, they can be controlled independently if using the app. As both motors are almost brutally rumbly, being able to customize your balance and intensity is more important with this tool than it would be for another device. When it comes to power, this sentence from my review notes sums it up better than I could with more deliberate verbiage. “You know how the clitoris has internal legs like a wishbone? Yeah, so does Dolce.”

The real star, however, is less in the motors (though they are deeply impressive) but in the design of the actual body of the tool. There are two things that Dolce uses to stay where it should be, the shape of the internal bulb and a flexible spine in embedded in the silicone. The bulb’s advantage is fairly clear. The size and shape are just so to hook under a pelvic bone, keeping Dolce from slipping from the body no matter how much motion or lubrication are involved in its use. As for the spine, it is rare to find a tool that has a useful ability to pose, both to bend and stay, instead of just relaxing. This beast, however, is right up there with Lora Dicarlo in terms of function. Dolce will bend as you like and it is going to remain that way until you bend it back. This clamps it into place and makes certain that clitoral contact will happen and be maintained. As happy as I was with the power, the ability to shape the spine completely stole my attention. As most toys marked with “#personal favorite” are all power power power, that any other aspect of the toy diverted my focus is an occasion. You can’t wear and forget it, there is no way you could miss the internal bulb (in the best possible way), but you can be sure it’s not going anywhere.

Because Lovense might just as well keep going, all of this is wrapped up in a body safe silicone skin, has the ease of rechargeable motors, a long charge life, and a one year warranty direct from the maker. Like every time I post a Lovense review, I have to state that their app interface is my absolute favorite. Easy to pair, to use, and to invite friends to play along from a distance. Good times.