Friday Focus: 12.24.21

My personal favorites for your gift-giving consideration…

Carezza, Lora Dicarlo: My favorite toy of all time. I don’t even need to think about it, this device is the star of my personal arsenal. It is a hand-held genital jackhammer. If you are a Power Queen (or you love one) this if your toy. Period.

Liberty, WoW Tech: While all of the Womanizers are good, Liberty is my favorite due to the travel size combined with the built in carry case. Fits in a hoodie pocket with ease. (Yes, I know this for a fact.)

Flick, Elextrastim: The perfect into to TENS style e-stim. Small, rechargeable, great optional attachments, and easy to understand control display.

Essenza, Femme Funn: Lots to unpack here. Powerful clitoral vibration with a textured thrusting shaft. Long shelf life for the charge, too.

Ultra Wand, Femme Funn: The best of the small massage wands. Not only strong, but quiet and really easy to scroll through controls. That it is pretty to look at is just a bonus.

Rave, We-Vibe: For the advanced G-spot hunter, there are few better tools. In fact, the only “negative” feedback I have ever heard is that it can be too aggressive. The asymmetrically shape was drafted to not only press the Grafenberg spot, but milk it. Super strong vibration just for extra fun.

On Arousal Oil: Small bottle, huge difference. Causes hypersensitivity on areas along with a delightful tingling sensation. Marketed for the clitoris, but likes a frenulum just as much.