Friday Focus: 12.31.21

This is more of an update than a true review. The Voodoo Mini Halo has undergone a bit of a transformation and I wanted to bring it up as a point of interest. Thinking back on the confusion when a classic went from “Hitachi” to “Magic Wand” (made by Vibratex under both names) I like to stay ahead of these transitions.

Most of the old facts of the Mini Halo are unchanged. The compact dimensions, delightful power output, easy control array, all of these things are still on offer. What has changed is the packaging, handle texture, and the addition of new colors. The box is a minimal thing, the only reason I mention it is to assure people looking at the shiny new box contains the same wand (as a plus, the new presentation is cleaner and more sophisticated, so it looks nicer as a gift). The texture change part aesthetic and part function. The stippled finish the handle used to boast is perfectly functional when it comes to keeping a good grip even with lubricated hands. The new diamond pattern, does the same thing, though I find the new texture to be more pleasant under the fingers as well as looking a bit sleeker. The Voodoo “V” logo was also replaced for the wand’s name (I liked that logo, but I can’t have everything.A” The most fun, is the new colors! Presently we still have the black and pink from the original collection. We have let the dark purple go, but it has been replaced with lavender and powder blue.

In short, the “new” Mini Halo still all the good stuff. Anyone looking to replace an old wand, or getting one on the recommendation of a friend, can be assured that the defining traits of Mini Halo remain unchanged.