Friday Focus: 01.14.22

Kits can be a difficult proposition. There is value in getting a variety of things packed together, but I have noticed that most enjoy building their own assortments. There is, however, one type of kit that I adore. Give me a kit that gives variety for a specialized theme and I will sing to you about its value. As an example, I am going to tell you about the Rechargeable Anal Set from Shots!

All told, it’s a six piece set, five interchangeable silicone shapes and a single rechargeable vibrating bullet. In the assortment of insertables one will see two styles of classic “plug” silhouettes and three “beaded” shapes. All of the attachments are solid silicone, pliant with a lovely velvety finish, with a hollow for the removable battery at the base. As the name of the kit suggests, the shapes in this kit are anal-safe once something is inserted into the bullet housing. This can be the included bullet, a different bullet (perhaps one that is remote control?), a finger, what have you. Myself, I would like to thread the attachments onto strands of rope and work them into a shibari harness. A little creativity goes a long way.

The removable bullet motor is a thing of beauty all by itself. The motor has ten settings, five speeds and five patterns. The patterns did not impress me much, but the speeds… From the near silent operation to the deep thrum, even at higher speeds, the bullet won me over. Controls are simple, just a single button to scroll with. With more than ten settings it may have been cumbersome, but it is simple to use as it is.

Either used as suggested, or broken into parts and repurposed, this kit has value well beyond the purchase price. Love it for the silicone attachments, glorious bullet, or both, there is something for anyone in this collection.