Friday Focus: 01.21.22

Beauty in simplicity is a common theme from me. This particular treasure, to offer a change of pace, is not vulva-centric. This Friday, we are going to do a run-down of the To Go cups from Cal Exotic.

The construction is quite basic, overall. The actual sleeve is made is a super soft TPR that has been fitted into a polypropylene shell. This firm, but thin, plastic shell gives something to hold on to when the soft inner sleeve is in use, in addition to lending structure to support the internal texture within the sleeve. (For those familiar with molding and casting, the function is similar to a mother mold.) It also, when the cap is in place, protects the toy from dust, debris, and mishaps. The overall length is just over 8 inches, and most of that translates directly into insertable depth.

In function, a few more subtleties come into play. Remembering that the inside of the sleeve is deeply textured, how it is textured is a point of interest. Inside any model of the To Go cups, is a remarkably faithful replica of the turns and ridges one would expect in a biological vaginal canal. This touch of realism is only heightened by the beautifully representational vulvae that forms the entrance of the sleeve. For just that extra push, there is even a carb hole on the bottom of the canister to control the desired amount of suction created by thrusting with the tip of a finger.

Once done, the inner sleeve comes free for the outer shell, allowing for easy clean up. The one year warranty from Cal Exotic is a great big bow on the whole package. Warranties of this type are super rare for non vibrating items, and that tells me a great deal about how much faith Cal Exotic is putting in their materials.