Friday Focus: 02.18.22

We looked at some really exciting options for remote and long distance control in honor of February. At present we only have the three lines with bluetooth applications, but there are other ways to go remote if you can be in the same room. Similar benefits, if limited in distance, at a price point that allows for some experimentation. In this case, I am looking at the My Secret Screaming O Rechargeable Remote Vibrating Panties.

Let’s start with the motor this time. The My Secret comes armed with a Vooom bullet, so you know it’s got power right out of the gate. It’s not quite as strong as Charged, but it is still a force. Rechargeable, waterproof, and with 10 programmed functions, Vooom more than holds it’s own as a stand alone toy. This is where we add in the remote control unit. Screaming O compacted this device as as small as they could go and hid it as a fairly nondescript silicone finger ring. They put the power in the wielder’s hands in a very literal sense. Best yet, the remote is also rechargeable. No need to worry over dead or awkward to install batteries. The remote will work from up to fifty feet away, so you can pretend not to know each other on the dance floor if you like.

When it comes to the panties, the design includes as many bodies as possible with tie-sides. The box reads that it will fit up to 60 inches in width, but the actual crotch doesn’t lengthen, so I don’t put much faith in that. Still, they are nicely versatile for the price, with a classic cut that doesn’t look out of place in the laundry basket or underwear drawer. But maybe they aren’t for you? Not a problem, since you can slip at Vooom bullet into almost any under garments with a fly or open ended liner. No matter what you choose to wear, the bullet and remote will make your outfit just that much better.

Party at home. Have a night on the town. Take a walk in the park. Tuck it under a strap-on harness and have yourself a leisurely Drive with a friend. You can even keep the remote all to yourself. You will get no judgement from me and no one else will know.