Friday Focus: 03.04.22

I am in the mood for something simple but fun this week. As it happens, that describes the Cheeky Gems kits we just got from Cal Exotic. The most obvious asset here is the variety. Not only do you have three graduated sizes for practice and conditioning, but each has a slightly different shape to best suit a purpose. Those differences are what we are going to look at first

The smallest is not just small, but long compared to the width. The result is a gradual slope for both insertion and retrieval that is easy to accommodate. It may not stay in place for more vigorous activity, but the easy in and out is ideal for the uninitiated or those that want a little something extra for hands on play.

Medium is exactly that. The point for insertion is a shade more advanced, but still easy. The side to accommodate retrieval has a bit more lip, however. Once in place, the steeper angle of the bulb will help keep it there, though it does have enough ramp to ease it out with minimal effort.

Large, while not large by most plug standards, is the biggest in the box. What it really has if a nearly flat ledge on the back of the internal bulb. Getting the smooth spade silhouette inserted will be easy enough. Removing it from it’s place will take more time and relaxation than the previous pair. If you are looking for a plug to wear for a few hours, or to keep in during active play, this is your go-to.

Rounding back to what all share, the entire kit is a good dense silicone with a subtle velvet finish. The waist of all three shapes is long and thin enough for longer wear without pinching and the angle on the “jewel” bevel is thick enough to add to that comfort. More, that stalk flexes really well without stretching, making it easy to sit on any of the shapes without stabbing yourself with an awkward angle. The adornments are plastic, it is true, but they are wedded into the base really well and are light weight for longer wear. For a bow on top, the set comes with a one year warranty, even though there is no motors to break.