Friday Focus: 04.01.22

Nu Sensuelle put itself on the map with Point as the first company to surpass We-Vibe in compact power. That is not even mentioning their early adoption and outright pioneering of less standard types of stimulation (such as a sliding “pearl” or percussive motion). As a company, they remain worthy of note today, holding true to that spirit of innovation.

When it comes to mini-vibes, the only thing that held back the Point was the fact that it was too long to fit into some toys that offer housing for removable bullets. It fit into a good number of them, but not all. For those jobs that want a smaller surface with the same punch, we have Joie. Not only is it a shade smaller than the Point, it also sports the bunted ends of a “traditional” bullet.

Joie shares all of it’s basic perks with the Point from its rechargeable motor to the waterproof housing. The controls are a single button design, with press and hold for on/off and quick press to cycle up. This leads me to Joie’s one real weakness. This pocket earthquake has 15 preprogrammed settings, three solid speeds, and a host of pulse patterns. Without the ability to scroll backward, 15 settings is a bit of a chore to navigate. Aside from that, I can’t find fault. Most impressive, however, is the sheer amount of power Joie can put out. It is an easy rival to the original Point and just as quiet while doing its work.

All in all, Joie is an excellent choice if you want something that fits into a smaller pocket, either in your jeans or in your strap-on briefs.