Friday Focus: 04.08.22

We all love the Vibratex, Magic Wand. It was been iconic for decades, and that is with good reason. I would not expect to see it’s status falling of the map anytime soon, either. In the last few years, Vibratex has been both revising the original and adding new versions to the line-up. This has been especially true after they took Magic Wand as their own property rather than a tool they manufactured for someone else. This can be been seen in the the Original, the Plus, and the Rechargeable. As you likely already know, the family has expanded yet again. It’s time to talk about the Magic Wand Mini.

There is no need for hyperbole here, Mini is everything “Magic Wand” has come to mean. Mini measures in at roughly nine inches from head to charge port, compared to the 12-13 inches of the full size versions, and is both lighter and slimmer overall. The control array is very similar to the Rechargeable, and operates the same way, though it only has three speeds next to Rechargeable four. The simple controls of and Magic Wand device makes them uniquely accessible for those with motor function or joint issues and Mini follows suit (while also being lighter to hold). All of that is an aside to that fact that that it’s smaller dimensions will make less impact on a bag packed for travel.

The most important question, however, for any Vibratex wand is about power. Is Mini a novelty or does it belong in the Magic Wand collection? The Original Magic Wand rumbles along at up to 6,000 RPM. Mini can match it.