Friday Focus: 04.15.22

Some toys are function in simplicity. Other toys do everything at once. I have a great fondness for both camps, but today, I want to write about the latter. Specifically, the Femme Funn, Cora.

Now, Cora has your standard high end perks. It has a silky silicone skin, aside from the accent on the inner edge of the handle loop, promising easy maintenance and freedom from irritants for even the most sensitive skin. As a dual stim, it has two rechargeable motors, one in the shaft and one in the external arm, as one would expect. While the shaft is rigid, a solid core under the silicone, the arm has great range of flex. While not submersible, it is splash-proof, so shower adventures are well within its limits of design. Cora isn’t silent in operation, the noise level is subtle enough, especially when touching skin.

Function is where Cora stands apart. As a dual stimulator, the proportions are excellent. The basic outline is a short internal shaft, subtle curve, and a well placed Grafenberg swell. The external arm, as mentioned, flexes well, so it it easy to guide it to the angle that best suits the user. The hollow handle is also a huge plus, serving as a secure hold for fingers, thumb, or even to thread into shibari. The motors can be controlled independently, offering a great deal of customization. Once on, the internal and external arms can’t be turned off without shutting down both, but cycling the patterns of pulse is fully independent.

As for power, the external arm is fairly punishing and well broadcast thorough the shape and texture. My bar for power is pretty high and this tool performed well within my personal standards. The internal arm, however, does not vibrate. It has a percussive punch in the middle of the textured target at the widest point of the G-bulb. We have seen this a few times, but not like Cora. The overall shape is very cunningly designed to work well for a wide array of bodies, making the placement of that internal punch very impactful with minimal hunting.