Friday Focus: 04.29.22

The Amo from Hot Octopuss is a very fun take on the concept of a high-power mini vibe. It has all the standard parts common to the genre. It is rechargeable, waterproof, keeps to ABS and silicone for all of its parts, and has a one year warranty from the manufacturer. All standard for the style, but no less valuable. The controls are where things start to get interesting. Amo has a three button control, allowing the user to pick their pulse pattern (or solid vibe), then choose the intensity of that setting. Speed/intensity can be scrolled through both up and down, so getting the right amount of punch is really easy. Patterns do cycle on a single button, but there are not so many as to get lost. It’s also reasonably quite when in use. Any kind of white noise will swallow the sound.

The aspect that really sets Amo aside is the shape. A mini vibe with a silicone body is not unusual, the beveled talon of Amo is. Effectively, Amo is two tools; a pin-point stimulator on one side with a broad thumb on the other. More, the way the edges are beveled into edges, leading to the pin-point tip seems to focus the motor’s output even further. The bevels and dips on the ABS “handle” just make it easier to hold. The most outstanding feature here isn’t the dual play surfaces, it’s the range of the motor. The first setting is mild like the wing beats of irritated butterflies. Once the intensity is cranked all the way up, it comes close to the We-Vibe Tango. There are many tools on the market that are mild and many that are brutal. Very few, are offer such a wide range in one unit.