Friday Focus: 06.03.22

Rock Candy Toys is still very new to the playing field. We’ve looked at several of their items in the past, highlighting their careful balance of simplicity, and economy. You may recall Suga’ Daddy and Taffy Puller as examples. Recently, Rock Candy decided to trim away some of their old collection and dip into something new. Refined, the new line, stays true to the original principle of functional simplicity, though playful novelty leans a bit more toward sophistication. Refined items offer rechargeable motors with a wider range of power. The offerings, as of this writing, all have full silicone skins offering 100% play with clean lines. The styles are marked as “splashproof”, though some earned a rating of IPX7 (fully submersible for up to 30 minutes up to one meter).

The first style I want to look at is Dreamland. The shape is a sleek missile with a moderate curve and flair on one end to give double duty as a Grafenberg hunter. It has a bit more flex than I look for when G-hunting, but is ideal for those looking for a softer touch or are using a toy on someone else.

The controls are a two button array Off/On and Cycle. It has ten setting (three speeds and seven pulse patterns) so it is not awkward to navigate, even if you miss your stop. The power is respectable, though not earth shattering. That said, it is very quiet in operation and the quality of vibration is quite nice for either internal or external work.