Friday Motivational: 06.10.22

This week we are going to look at another item in the Rock Candy Refined line, Sweetensity. It shares quite a bit of commonality with the Dreamland that I brought up last week. To make this entry stand alone, I’ll give that a quick repeat. Refined tools are rechargeable, have a full silicone skin, are water resistant, and have classic shapes with simplified design. Unlike Dreamland, however, the wand is safe for pressurized sprays of water, but not full submersion, holding a water resistance rating of IPX6.

Sweetensity is the Wand Massager of the Refined family. Similar to the Mini Halo, Sweetensity is compact and fully engulfed in a silicone skin. The primary advantage to the latter is the complete lack of seams or undercuts where head joins to handle and that is a huge boon when it comes to keeping your wand clean. The handle of this device has faceted sides, twisting in a loose spiral from neck to base. It’s visually attractive to start, but it’s also really easy to hold on to, the flat surfaces being easy to grip and the swirl to keep your hand from sliding. It has a three button control spread, with dedicated On/Off, speed (eight), and pattern (twenty). And yes, pattern and intensity are independently controlled, so the user gets to build a customized experience. I would also like to note that the patterns are actually good. No dead spaces and consistent rhythms, Most even have a “discordant” note or two just often enough to keep the sensation from becoming desensitizing, but not so far off as to disrupt one’s concentration.

Saving best for last, Sweetensity has the sort of power one expects from a wand. It starts on high when activated, and cycles down lower. And I do mean low, not slow. It’s common that faster speeds get buzzy, but I see the reverse at work here. Rather than starting deep and getting thin, Sweetensity has a penetrating rumble to start that grows more intense. All in all, a lovely surprise.