Friday Focus: 06.17.22

I am cheating this week. A product arrived this week that is a new skin on a classic item and I am easily motivated by aesthetics. I am also motivated by classics that are worth repeating with a new skin, so it’s extra good. This week, we are looking at the Cal Exotic, Cheeky Tie Dye plugs!

Related to the Cheeky Gems, the Tie Dye are solid silicone plugs with an emphasis on form. There is no motor to worry about, just the motion of the wearer’s body. Unlike the Gems, Cheeky is more of a short term active wear kind of toy. The difference in span between the bulb and waist is wide enough you won’t be thrusting with it, but the waist is too short for the preferences of many when it comes to leaving it in as you go about your day. The width of the base flair is enough to keep it secure for vigorous activity, though. Maybe you don’t want to go jogging, but wearing a Tie Dye plug while you enjoy an intimate encounter (with yourself or a friend) is fairly ideal.

On our shelves right now we have both Medium and Large of the smooth bulb Tie Dye. Both have the same general ratios of bulb to waste, to flair, just on different scales. The bulb of the Medium measures up at two inches long by one and a quarter in width (three inches total length). Large is three inches by one and three quarters in width (three and a half overall). Neither is an “Extreme Penetration” toy, but they have more than enough substance to be felt.

Tie Dye plugs have gimmicks, no settings, no controls, just smooth solid silicone to fill in the gaps when you’re looking to have an even better good time. As a personal aside, with the relatively short length and wide bulb, these “anal plugs” would also be grand for vaginal use, especially0under clothes. Add the stability of the full round base, and you are looking at brilliant Driver’s side packers for a panty style strap-on harness. I am sure you can think of even more uses, as there are many ways to put a tried and true classic to work.