Friday Focus: 06.24.22

The Rocks Off Ruby Glow on our shelves is the newest iteration of the name. The original had a hunger for batteries (not a deal breaker if rechargeable cells are in the mix) that the version we speak of today does not. The Ruby Glow Blush, is fully rechargeable with two motors, one central, one at the tip. When you do go to charge, Ruby can get plugged on its dock or the unit alone. As a bonus, the “charging dock” is not what it seems, but I’ll get back to that in a moment. The vibrating unit has a full silicone skin and the dock is housed in body safe and sturdy ABS. The motor isn’t the speediest, but it does have a decent thrum with minimal noise.

Now, in the vibrating silicone wand you have a lovely and firm G-spot/prostate tool (that is anal safe, if you stop at the central bulb). It can be controlled either on-unit, or with the included remote control. Both motors are independently controlled, as well, so you can do some clever combinations and harmonization between the pair. What really impressed me here is the face that the buttons are different sizes and orientations. Once you know, you won’t forget which does what, even without looking. Even better, that pattern is the same both on unit and the remote. But this is not Ruby’s final form…

If you drop Ruby onto the dock, the silicone wand becomes a lay-on vibe. The bulge in the middle that acts as an anal stopper or tickles clitoral legs becomes a spot to grind against, regardless of genital conformation. In the case of a vulva, if the vaginal opening rests over the center swell, the G curved tip will cup a clitoris instead. Once you’re sitting on the thing, the included remote suddenly becomes much more handy, as well! With body weight behind in, the low rumble of the motor is much more effective than a faster hum would be, and it all comes together.