General Questions

Are your stores open 24 hours?

Our Hollywood and Tigard stores are open 24 hours and never close. The hours for other locations vary and can be found on our Oregon locations or Montana locations pages.

Do you close for holidays?

Some of our stores close for Thanksgiving and Christmas day, but we’re open during all other holidays. Our Hollywood and Tigard stores do not close for holidays (remaining open for both Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Do you have an online store?


What? Really?! Why not?

We’ve fine-tuned FANTASY to be a specialty retail destination. We curate our selection—sourcing products, apparel, and video from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors—to offer you a unique shopping experience you won’t find online. Rather than invest in the infrastructure to warehouse and ship products to online customers, we’ve invested in our brick-and-mortar stores, hiring and educating sales associates to provide our customers with the advice, suggestions, and the experience of shopping in our stores. Nothing compares to visiting our local FANTASY store in person.

How old do I need to be to visit FANTASY?


Do I need an ID?

Yes, everyone is legally required to carry a valid government-issued ID when visiting an adult retail venue (similar to when entering a bar or dispensary).

Do you carry dancer wear and shoes?

Yes! We strive to offer the best selection of dancer wear, shoes, and accessories in both Portland and Missoula.

Do you sell glass pipes and other smoking paraphernalia?

As a convenience to our customers, we carry a limited selection of pipes and other smoking accessories. We don’t carry a full selection, however, as we feel there are plenty of other great specialty shops in Portland that sell pipes!

Do you sell marijuana?

No, we are not a dispensary (but we can usually point you to one nearby).

Is FANTASY a club? Is there an admission or entry fee?

FANTASY is not a club. We are a retail store and do not charge admission. Some of our locations do have adult video arcades and preview rooms restricted to paying customers.

Returns & Warranties

What’s your return policy?

All sales are final on toys, lubricant, consumables, glass, smoking accessories, jewelry, wigs, undergarments, and other personal products. Exchanges will be considered for apparel and shoes with stickers and tags still attached, perfectly unworn, with all packaging, and with the sales receipt, within 14 days of purchase. Defective video may be exchanged within 3 days of purchase, with receipt, provided the video will not play in the store. Video exchanges may incur a restocking fee. No refunds will be provided.

My toy has a warranty and stopped working. Will FANTASY replace it?

Warranties are guaranteed by the manufacturer. If you have an issue with a product under warranty, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly, which is usually more efficient. Most manufacturers who offer a warranty have an online form and instructions for warranty claims and will respond within two business days. If you have any trouble with the manufacturer, however, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do for you! Just keep in mind that we can’t accept returns, due to the intimate nature of the products we sell.

My toy does not have a warranty and stopped working. Will FANTASY replace it?

Due to the intimate nature of the products we sell, we cannot accept returns. However, we’re pretty good problem solvers and can often help customers get toys working again with helpful tricks or advice. Or, if the battery-operated toy you just purchased last week crapped out on you, we can often offer a discount and suggestion for a new and comparable toy.

Adult Video (DVDs)

Do you have adult video for sale?

Yes, all FANTASY locations sell adult video on DVD. Selection varies by location.

Do you still rent adult video at your stores?

In the Portland area, our Hollywood District, Tigard, and Beaverton stores still offer DVD video rentals. Our Downtown Portland and Clackamas stores offer DVDs for sale only (they do not offer rentals).

Both Missoula Montana stores currently offer DVD video rentals and DVDs available for purchase.

How much does it cost to rent a DVD? How long do I have to watch it?

DVD rentals are either $3.50 for premium rentals or $2.00 for all other titles. The rental period is three days.

When are DVD rentals due?

DVD rentals are due at 7pm, three days after the movie is rented. So if you rent a movie Friday (regardless of the time of day), it’s due Monday at 7pm.

How much are late fees?

DVD rentals incur a late fee equal to the cost of the rental (either $2.00 or $3.50) for each day the rental is overdue (or if returned after 7pm on the first day).

Adult Video Arcade

Do you have video arcade booths at your stores?

In the Portland area, our Hollywood District, Tigard, and Beaverton stores offer video arcade booths. Our Downtown Portland and Clackamas stores do not.

Both Missoula Montana stores currently offer video arcade booths.

How do they work? Is there an admission fee?

The video arcade at our Beaverton store has a general admission fee of $5 for single entry or $10 for a day pass. Once in the arcade, all rooms are free to play.

We do not currently charge an admission fee for arcades at other stores, but the arcade areas are intended for customers actively spending money. Each booth has a video display and accepts $1s, $5s, $10s, and $20s. After putting money in the booth, you can select a video channel to watch.

In the future, other stores will likely switch from a “pay-by-the-minute” to a general admission fee format.

Do you have live performers?

No, we do not have paid live performers in our arcades. Arcade booths display video only. Mutually consenting customers can put on a show for one another in our buddy booths or Star Booth (at our Hollywood location), but we do not employ anyone for entertainment purposes.

Our Southside Missoula location also has a theater (separate from the arcade booths) that hosts amateur performers from time to time.

Do you have “buddy booths”? (What are “buddy booths”?)

Yes, all our arcades have multiple “buddy booths”, or two neighboring booths with a viewing window, so that neighboring occupants can view one another, if they wish to do so. Note that both booths must be active (paid) and both occupants must agree to activate the view window.

Do you have gloryholes?

Yes, all our arcades have at least one pair of gloryhole booths.

So what’s this Star Booth all about?

We have a Star Booth at our Hollywood location that’s equipped with a camera and provides a live video feed, viewable (as a video channel) from other booths at this location. The Star Booth is perfect for voyeurs and exhibitionists. Just remember that an invitation to watch is not an invitation to join; we ask all our patrons to please be respectful of others’ boundaries (including closed doors).

Preview Rooms

What are Preview Rooms?

Preview Rooms are more private rooms that individuals or couples can rent to watch (or “preview”) adult video together. When renting a preview room, you can choose from any DVD rental in the store, or multiple rentals, if you’d like to preview more than one DVD. Pause, fast forward, and rewind controls are available in the room; sales clerks can start, stop, or change the disc for you (you can phone them from your room if you need assistance).

Preview Rooms are cleaned after every use.

How much does it cost to rent a room?

Preview Room rentals are $15 for two hours.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, of course! We just need to see a valid government-issued ID from every one who will be in the Preview Room (no exceptions).

Note that the Preview Rooms are intended for private use only. Anyone found disturbing patrons in other Preview Rooms will be asked to leave.